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Багатомовна самонавчальна system автоматизованого перекладу

Перекладачка constantly навчається. Texts, at which навчалася, навчається if will learn:

When the in Did have desire towards we (I and programme) освоїли others attractions, the надсилайте me free trade білінгву.

The mistakes перекладу advise not must be, since прекладачка memorized to двомовних текстах and with their hands I there nothing the country's, at least найближчим occasionally, won't, since me also of by the way, as she впорається since mistakes. Better надішліть текстову pendant, where, to Your opinion, translation of EU wrought better - I speak I will too appreciate it.

So principle artless: to продукування quality перекладу перекладачка should many "we won't read" various steam текстів.

Вітаються any constructive offers.

Their answers to others different issue find a here will set issue to DCC forum.

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