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This have prejudice словників and programs "Does His Laundry" (англійською "Pere"). In May 2003 election відбрунькувався from "Springs", as independent design.

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Детальніше about idea

Now exists нагальна need in доступних пересічному користувачеві програмах-перекладачах (continue - перекладачки), which b held behind tightly met the current state they say. So it comes to get a massive public access to and topicality. For a poignantly problem there is a on перекладу as the Russian мовою. One may спродуковано three system: "Плай(tm)", "L-Master" and "ПАРС/У". They produced translations українсько-російського and українсько-англійського напрямків. Other areas – "are open".

That Currently Exist перекладачки - am commercial viands, the their creating and improvement needs attracting students of skilled мовників-фахівців (continue experts). In other words that currently exist перекладачки have, over a way of creating and reproduction, експертоорієнтованими. Are to security перекладу a each newly elected convinced that needed enough of that numerous costs, which they could for taking only provided it receives комерційної expediency. Besides exists problem eduction scientific interested, which consists holding presidential, that expert must discharge work, opposite to of their звичної (often: instead of analysis of the data and laws – their synthesis), that creates the numerous методологічні and financial difficulties. Методологічні precisely, and holding presidential, that somebody has procure since expert knowledge предметної areas – work to когнітолога; financial in my view, and enterprises remunerate this work. We form the замкнене we have gone: have commercial terms of, since low control; control low, since does not have conditions. Under this state affairs participation перекладачок a оглядному the future others напрямків малоймовірна.

Undermine замкнене we have gone may, if external factors (say, breakthrough in the political-economic relationship since франкофонами or кимось the others), if the opportunity суттєвого здешевлення for developing steam traditions перекладів (continue – vapour, language vapour).

Суттєве здешевлення for developing the possible at of experts (and, therefore, and когнітологів). Well to початкових, the most коштоємних and ризикових stages. Not Unlikely розв'язком I system, Ukraine will without any assistance the and develop language pendant based on the existing ones двомовних текстів. This particularly important on повсякденного неспеціалізованого grass-root meetings. In role сирцевого piece good, including, звичайні газетно-журнальні publications. Перспективність creating the minimum of перекладових bases підкріплюється successful існуванням and the handling "базової англійської". Outcomes work threatened перекладачки should be sought чернетково "re-privatization" relevant matronship and be standing the basis of to creating експертоорієнтованих перекладачок. Besides with the there aren't any programmes вирішується game to follow відстежування traditions change, that is the problem актуалізації draft traditions steam.

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